All I only wanted was an opportunity to serve but I got more than serving, rather I had the opportunity to engage, learn, and interact with people. At Good Sam, I met happy people who were glad to work with me. My experience as a storytelling intern gave me an opportunity to work in my area of expertise, which is content writing, and this role made me explore writing better. Knowing that academic writing was about robbing me of my creative writing skills, my few months at Good Sam helped me relearn my craft. With Good Sam, writing became a tool for creating awareness, transforming lives, and drawing the attention of people to serve others.

At Good Sam, I learned a new perspective about social service and I learned more about God. Good Sam taught me that social service is not only about receiving, it is also about giving. By giving, I mean volunteering. At Good Sam, volunteering is a way of giving back. I also learned more about God’s love. I have not seen an organization where team members pray together, this was my first, and this was exciting to me because I learned from the depth of God that others are willing to share.

I really look forward to more experience to serve and see lives transformed for good through my actions. Thank you Good Samaritan Ministries for the opportunity to serve, I will love to do this again.