Aaron T. Murphy

Aaron T. Murphy

CEO/ Executive Director

Terri Lewis

General Manager

Ashley Street

Director of Social Work

Seth Sillmon

Community Outreach

Sara Maughon

Operations Assistant

Candice Yates

Retail & Work Force Manager

Chauncey Slater

Our Daily Bread Coordinator

Luci Tate

Business Office Manager

Shelley Morgan

Community Relations Manager

Alyssa Peters

Social Work

Meet Our Board of Directors

Good Samaritan Ministries Board is composed of dedicated men and women who are passionate about their faith and the work of the Good Samaritan Mission. The board members are representative of many different ages, denominations, and professions. The board is comprised of several committees that meet throughout the year to address specific tasks.

2021 Board of Directors Information 

Dr. Tim Phillipe, Chair

Board Member since 2018

Dr. Paul Baggett, Vice Chair
Board Member since 2018

Dr. Barbara Sims, Secretary
Board Member since 2019

Jeff Logan, Treasurer
Board Member since 2019

Sharyon McKinney, Board Member since 2018

Glen Layfield, Board Member since 2019

Lauri Jo Cranford, Board Member since 2018

Tammy Stine, Board Member since 2021

Leila Al-lmad, Board Member since 2021