“To get a little, you got to give a little” – Bobbie

 ‘I am a 37 year old mother of two daughters: a 15 year old with autism and an 11 year old. I was raised here in Johnson City, but later moved to Jonesborough for the rest of my youth. Once I became a mother I moved back to Johnson City. I was a single mother for four years, having only my daughter, and that was how I got to know about Good Samaritan Ministries. As a single mother, it was hard to provide for my family, and at that moment, I felt I needed help with fitness and I wanted something other than my family.


The Be A Light Christmas Marketplace was amazing. It made me feel a lot more involved than letting someone else do the work. Being able to select Christmas gifts for my own children meant the world to me.  I loved it, and I still do. I like that it was an opportunity to spend time and focus at the task at hand. I feel volunteering is amazing, it is not hard to give a few hours of your time, and give back to the community. I would say, To get a little, you got to give a little. I even made a friend while volunteering, really, I made something that is deeper than just folding paper.

Good Samaritan Ministries’ Programs

There is a stress that comes along with not having enough to eat during the school year. I know that my kids eat breakfast and lunch at school, but during the summer, the ‘ Summer Food Box Program’ and the ‘Back 2 School program’ lifted the stress of being a single mother. The impact of these programs makes my job easier as mother and lets me focus on other things such as paying rent. I can be able to spend time with my children and not be worried if they are hungry. When the beginning of school year comes along, I do not have to worry about school supplies, because it is taken care of. With less stress, I can provide more time and resources to my family, making us all happier. Good Samaritan Ministries’ is a blessing that a lot of families can share in.’