Good Samaritan Ministries . . . is not just a hand out but a hand up. – Terri Lewis

How Good Samaritan Ministries came in the picture

I moved to Tennessee about two years ago, after I retired. After my retirement, I began to search for an opportunity to serve, give back, and to be inspired, so I looked online for areas of opportunities to volunteer.

During my search, I discovered Good Samaritan Ministries. I discovered the ministry has multiple opportunities from the thrift store, to the melting pot, and far as the ministry’s programs and projects such as the Resurrection Basket, Be A Light, Back 2 School Picnic among others. I saw that there are various opportunities to ‘get involved’, and so, I decided this is where I want to be.

Where I Volunteer at the Ministry

I currently volunteer in the Programs and Projects department. I have been volunteering for about three months now, and I love it! When I started, I thought I would only be able to volunteer probably once a week or twice a week. Fortunately for me,at the moment, I am able to volunteer up to three times a week, or at times, all week long. Sometimes I volunteer from the comfort of my home by putting things together. For me now, putting projects together has become a passion than just something that I do to fill up my spare time. 

What I Love About The Department I Volunteer With

I love the department I volunteer with! The reason is because it allows me to be active and hands-on. Also, in this department, I am enthused by the process involved in the planning of projects, and how the ultimate goal of projects is achieved. It is a joy to see the fruits of our labor!

How Volunteering Has Helped Me

I retired two years ago and what I do at the ministry allows me to keep my mind fresh. This is because this experience gives me the opportunity to learn something completely different from what my career was. I am not only adding to the team, but I am also learning in the process. At Good Sam, every day is an opportunity to work and grow. After 25 years of a law enforcement, (a very structured work environment) it didn’t always allow me to be as compassionate as I would have loved to be. By volunteering and interacting with our community, I have the opportunity to express love and compassion easily, without restraint.

Volunteering gives me a sense of purpose. This experience is fulfilling. This is because I can see the good that it does, whether it is with the Back to School clothes or the backpacks. In addition, watching the other volunteers who come in, I know everyone comes in with a zeal of service. We all come together in agreement to do the project. Lastly, volunteering at Good Samaritan Ministries gives me a perspective of the challenges that people go through. My prayer has always been to see everyone with the eyes of Jesus. What I love about Good Samaritan Ministries is that it is not just a handout but a hand up – That is, giving a helping hand.

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