Serving people creates an avenue for every individual to experience his or her community. In the United States, many individuals volunteer at not-for-profit organizations. However, volunteering opportunities are not just peculiar to not-for-profit organizations, there are also volunteer opportunities at for-profit organizations. According, to the Bureau of Labor Statistics survey 25% of the American population volunteered in 2016, and this makes about 62.6 million people that volunteer every year in the U.S. More so, the 2015 data from the Corporation for National Community Service shows that 24.12% of Tennesseans volunteer. 

What Are The Benefits of Volunteering?

  • It serves as an avenue to make new friends. Different people come together to work to achieve a common good, and you might not know who you are going to meet while volunteering. You could possibly make lifetime friendships from volunteering.
  • Volunteering is beneficial to your health. Volunteering helps you to fight loneliness and depression. Harvard Health indicates that volunteering helps aging people to fight low blood pressure which thus, help in preventing stroke, heart disease, and untimely death.
  • Volunteering is an opportunity to give back to your community. Have you ever thought of how best you can contribute to a cause you are passionate about? A volunteer experience at a nonprofit organization will give you an experience that you can build on. 
  • It is also an opportunity to gain experience and develop skills. No matter your age, we can all gain life skills through volunteering. Life skills such as teamwork, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, effective communication skills, and many other skills can be learned by being a volunteer. 

Volunteering is fun. It is never age restrictive. Everyone can volunteer, both the young and the old. Above all, it is always an opportunity for everyone to serve.

Get Involved

Volunteering at Good Samaritan Ministries is an opportunity for you to engage and be a part of our family while we combat poverty and change lives! Check us out on how to get involved!