Collection Drive

Donate Items to Good Samaritan Ministries

Good Samaritan Ministries relies on our community to help provide items we distribute to our neighbors. From toys to canned beans, your donations help provide resources for your neighbors.

Start a Drive Today

Choose a need and collect items from your friends, family, church, or place of work. When you’re ready, leave your donation at the Donation Center during receiving hours. We’ll put it to good use.

Download a Printable 8.5×11″ Box Label for Your Drive

Collection Drive Opportunities

Drive Opportunities are a great resource to see what items we need! Check out the most recent drives below to help plan your plan.

Not sure where to start?

Complete a collection drive inquiry and we can help plan your drive.

For more information about our collection drives, please contact Good Samaritan Ministries at (423) 928-1958 or