Collection Drives

2023 Back to School Drive

Good Samaritan Ministries is collecting school supplies for its Back to School program in the summer.

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2023 Back to School Program

Back to School program participants will receive two food boxes during the summer months and a backpack for each registered child attending school in August.

2023 Back to School Food Box Distribution

A family food box distribution event for the 2023 Back to School program June 16-17, from 9:00AM-1:00PM.

Back Pack Distribution

Good Samaritan Ministries will distribute back packs to registered participants in the 2023 Back to School special program.


Volunteer Spotlight (Back School to Program Edition): Chere Brady

In which group did you volunteer and what time did you arrive at the program location? I volunteered at both Thankful Baptist Church and Good Samaritan Ministries for the Back […]


A New Academic Year Is Around the Corner: Combating Poverty with Back to School Program.

Summertime has kicked off and the thought of school is distant in the minds of many children. However, many low-income parents and grandparents are already thinking about the new academic school year. While parents and guardians with a stable income do not worry about preparations for the upcoming school year, it is a financial burden for families with a limited income. Imagine having to decide between purchasing school supplies or new clothing for a child?